"Honestly, the Via Lingua course was one of the most challenging experiences I've had and yet I realize that it must be so to truly prepare trainees for the real world."

International Recognition

The TEFL job market is undoubtedly becoming increasingly competitive. Not too long ago, any native English speaker looking for a life of travel could pursue a successful career as an "English Teacher" without experience or qualifications. However, these days all reputable language schools and employers throughout the world require teachers with a professionally recognised initial TEFL qualification.

A wide range of TEFL courses have been developed to provide this initial teacher training in many countries of the world which makes it very difficult for aspiring teachers to decide which course to choose. The prerequisite for this decision-making should be the certainty that the course chosen is of a standard recognized by those bodies within the industry which designate what constitutes professional status.

The Via Lingua TEFL course significantly exceeds international standards for similar four-week TEFL certification programs.  In order to gain a Via Lingua Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, for example, students need to complete a minimum of 130 hours of tuition, including an average of ten hours teaching practice. Successful completion of the Via Lingua Certification Program will qualify applicants who have been accepted into the MATESOL Program at St. Michael's College for up to 4 credits of advanced standing toward their MATESOL coursework. The 4 credits will be applied to waive coursework to be decided by SMC faculty, within the 36-credit MATESOL Program.


This internationally accredited course provides the candidate with a deeper understanding of the relationship between the theories underpinning the practice of teaching English together with guided, purposeful observations of qualified and experienced tutors.r>
A course at this level should include specialist learning and involve detailed analysis of a high level of information and knowledge in TESOL. There should be guided purposeful observations by qualified and experienced tutors.

This certificate will give a candidate the developed skills and knowledge with a strong foundation in TESOL.

More information: Associateship of The College of Teachers with Teaching Practice (ACOT)

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