"The grammar classes have proved to be invaluable."
"The wonderful experience I had at Via Lingua confirmed my decisions and abilities. I also found both that I enjoy teaching and have ability at it, which, as I am working towards phasing out my current profession into something different, gives me direction and confidence."

Course Overview

The Via Lingua Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is designed for those with little or no experience of teaching English. It equips you with the basic skills and knowledge needed to take up a first post as ESL teachers and gives you a firm foundation for self-evaluation and further professional development. This is achieved through attending lectures and workshops that cover language awareness, teaching methodology, learner profiling and production of classroom materials. Group work, teaching practice and observations are also included.

Each course runs for a minimum of 130 programmed hours. Every trainee has to attend a full course and complete all assignments, including teaching practice, to the required standard in order to qualify for the award. To find out about course dates and fees please go to course dates & fees.

We believe in learning through involvement, and students are expected to participate in many different ways during the sessions. Wherever necessary information will be supplied, but more commonly you will experience a workshop approach, where your tutor acts as a "facilitator/animator" rather than as a lecturer. The course will include the following components to be formally and individually assessed. Please click on each unit for further information.
  • Teaching Skills
  • Language Awareness
  • The Learner Profile
  • The Materials Assignment
  • The Unknown Language
  • Pedagogy
  • Cultural Awarenes
  • Life Skills
Please bear in mind that this is an intensive programme. The day normally runs from 8:30am until 4:30/5:00pm. In addition to the training and teaching you should expect to spend additional hours over the duration of the course on self-study, background reading and the completion of four assessed written assignments set by your trainers throughout the course.
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